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Dimensions: 1748 x 1181 pixels

This work is part of the series Apprenticeship.

Artist Statement

The Title of this series of illustrations is Apprenticeship. This is three piece digital series. The idea is to show 3 modern day witches who are currently in training. I chose this topic for this series because this is something that has always been interesting to me and I wanted to explore this topic in art. I chose to do them in digital because that is my main medium as an illustrator.

The first piece is called Potion. This piece has a witch trying to brew a potion. She is in the last stages of the potion making and is chanting the incantation to finish it. I chose cooler colors for this to give it more of a nighttime feeling. The second piece is called Flying. This one has a witch flying through the sky on a broom at night above a forest. She has a catlike appearance from a potion gone wrong. The last piece is called Studying. This one has a witch sitting on the floor surrounded by piles of books and is reading. For this one I chose to do warmer colors to give it more of a daytime feeling. The titles on some of the books make reference to the first two pieces.


© Katee Megee, 2018.

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