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digital photography


Dimensions: 22 x 17 inches

This work is part of a series entitled Impact.

Artist Statement

Everything on earth has an impact on something else. This series is geared towards reminding us of how we have an impact and can be impacted by ourselves as well as others. The use of different materials, in color and physicality, can almost serve as symbols of emotion and personality. Aside from how we are impacted and impact ourselves and others, this series also serves as a material and implied motion study.

Each row of three images in the grid of 9 make use of a different material. The first row uses ribbon as the material, the second is matte black aluminum foil, the third is white tulle. Their faces, arms, hands, or whole body are wrapped in one of the three different materials and made to look as though they are falling in empty space. I enjoyed focusing on the implied movement aspect, or a sort of anti-gravity effect, as well as the ways in which the materials could obscure the person.

I want people to take a closer look at how things affect them, especially when it comes to their emotions and how they handle each experience. We naturally act a certain way throughout our lives due to our personality, which is formed by our individual experiences. What we do and how we act has an impact on more than just ourselves.


© Castille A. Miller, 2018.

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Impact Series


fabric, aluminum, translucent, photography, studio, falling