12 Angry Men

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graphite on paper


Dimensions: 40 x 27 inches

This work is part of a series entitled Portrait Series 2017-2018.

Artist Statement

This portrait series studies realistic forms of the human face at a large scale. The composition is symmetrical, centered directly on the subject presented in each piece, and does not deviate from traditional portrait work that is often found in photography. The medium used in all three portraits is pastel on paper. Ideas explored within this work are realism and understanding the drawing process of the artist. Close examination of work shows artist used hands to draw each portrait, moving pigment and leaving fingerprints behind within the pastel. This process of correction and layering is important when reflecting on the artist’s method of drawing. As a result, the portraits were developed in a way that was demanding and exhaustive. The amount of detail and true to life qualities that have a particular delicacy however balance this labor intensive process.


© Mitsuko Lili Stoddard, 2018.

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Portrait Series 2017-2018


male, drawing, realistic, face, detail, people