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acrylic on canvas


Dimensions: 12 x 16 inches

Artist Statement

This collection of work is an accumulation of the artwork created by middle school Beginning Art students from Heritage Middle School. These artworks are the final product of a unit of study focused around the idea of color psychology and emotion. This project has used scaffolding to allow students to put thought and effort into an idea as well as have all the requisite knowledge, such as the science and psychology behind color along with an understanding of the elements and principles of art, in order to make intelligent and art based decisions in their final works.

Students were given a series of lessons within this unit that allowed them to understand the basic principles of art as well as the science behind human thought within elements of art. After these introductory lessons and a variety of formative assessments to guarantee competence of these lessons, they were given their final assignment: a watercolor painting in which they used the elements of art and principles of art, along with any other information learned, to create a scene that portrays an emotion.

This project allows students to use art as a method of self expression and shows them the ways in which they are able to interact with the world around them through its use. Because there are no specific scene or image requirements for this final project, students are able to choose what kind of message they want to portray about their world. This gives students a chance to venture away from a rubric and experience art in a liberal way.


© Anna Kristine Wanless, 2017.

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loose brushstrokes, education, self portrait