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Dimensions: 1200 x 1200 pixels (overall)

Artist Statement

We tell stories to impart lessons on our children and our peers. Unfortunately the stories can also be harmful. I’ve focused on three women centric myths that have negative influence on modern society, and have illustrated the key moments through digital painting. A central theme within the myths is that each of these women have an irresistible hunger when acted upon has severe consequences for mankind; suggesting women should ignore their survival needs for the betterment of society. I’ve exposed this concept by depicting the women as emaciated and attacking their food with desperation. Each myth has its own harmful aspects which I explore further.

The Original Sin is based on the Christian Genesis story of Eve being seduced by a serpent into partaking of the forbidden fruit. In the myth the fruit awakens Eve to her shame as she becomes self-aware, thus losing her perfect innocence. I’ve depicted her instead as feral and vicious. It is only after she takes her life into her own hands is she cast from the “paradise” of ignorant survival, she is able to enter the world of enlightenment, comparable to the many young girls denied education and freedom in modern society, with no magic fruit to free them.


© Amy Nicole Hildebrandt, 2017.

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religion, mythology, feminism, abuse, assault, painting