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Dimensions: 17 x 11 inches

Artist Statement

The objects in each print are related to my own self care. As a response to my own anxiety disorders and depression, this collection is meant to portray the overwhelming challenges associated to basic everyday processes, as well as the comfort and necessity of routine. Integrating my artwork into something I use and enjoy everyday is the best way I can elevate it at this point in my life. It is technical, creative, personal, and practical. Sewing is a primary outlet for me. I can methodically empower, distract, and calm myself as I recharge in solitude. Some of the Artists who influenced me while refining this collection in particular are the nontraditional fabric prints of Cotton+Steel, Kate Beaton’s hilarious and smart comics, the empowering accessories of Tuesday Bassen, and Gemma Correll’s book, The Worrier’s Guide to Life.


© Carley Brook Rowley, 2017.


hygiene, feminism, minimalism, textile, products, minutia