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oil, acrylic, luster print, window cling, canvas, vinyl, plexiglass, and gator board


Dimensions: unknown

Artist Statement

I believe that families are fragmented to some degree, and I find that mine is no exception to that. They are crazy and insane, each member in their own way. At the end of the day, though, they are the ones who have influenced me the most, in my life decisions, and my daily actions. Each of the works in this piece are of different members of my family. They are done in a different style, medium, and or material, but ultimately they create a larger “Disjointed” face, the face of my family.

Each work is done in a way that relates to the subject and my views of them, through the choices in each piece. The oil painting on canvas is my grandpa. He was a quiet man, with many traditional views on different topics. My younger brother is on plexiglass, done in acrylic paint. He is very highly contrasted due to some of his bold decisions and the crazy expression of the mouth lends to some of his wild ideas. The photo of the realistic mouth is my sister. Her life has always been moving fast, almost like a snapshot where the main part is all that is in real focus. The pixilated nose is my mom. She can get stuck in some of her old ways and ideas, but they usually help make sense of something as a whole. The eye done in oil paint on vinyl is my dad. He always finds a way to balance his work and personal life pretty well, and then sometimes they just seem to blend together. Finally, the negative window cling is my older brother. He always has a reason and rhyme to everything, and is always looking on the brighter side of things.


© Morgan Bailey Russell, 2017.

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