Beam Me Up

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paint, wood, LED pin lights, fog machine


Dimensions: 96 x 33 x 60 inches

Artist Statement

I consider my work to be an exploration of form, material, and light to evoke different perceptions from the viewer. By using certain formal elements, I aim to create work that plays on how we perceive- not only in the sense of messing with or emphasizing aesthetic sensations-but also the perception of artifice (things are not always what they seem).

There is something about light that captivates me. I often find myself observing light in unusual ways; the way it is cast through the window onto walls and floors as it travels throughout the day, the beams of light that shoot down like lasers through tiny holes in a shed, and the different shapes that are formed when light is cast onto other objects. Light has the power to illuminate, and it also has the ability to create form. In my work, I experiment with the different ways I can use light as a medium and I am interested in how the viewer interprets the light, especially in combination with other materials and forms.

For my piece, Incandescence, I created a light-box base out of wood forming a minimalistic, rectilinear shape and painted it a sterile white to cover the natural material. It is topped with a painting on paper that is illuminated from the box beneath it; the light plays with the colors and textures of the paint and crushed minerals to create a hot glow resembling lava or a maybe even a galaxy. My intention is that the viewer does not immediately recognize the materials that make up the work, I want to play with this idea of perception and artifice to leave different interpretations up to the viewer. My hope for the viewer is that they find something beautifully unexpected while being left to bring their own perceptions to my work.


© Aarin Cody Bigler, 2017. Photo Credit: Aaron Rodriguez.

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installation, sculpture, painting, light box, light, perception