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reduction linocut and screen print on paper


Dimensions: 7.5 x 94 inches (overall)

Artist Statement

Our world is filled with stories, from family history to mythical tales that engage our imaginations. Centered on fairy tales I bring to life these narratives through printmaking. However, the basic telling of the tale through a piece isn’t enough. I prefer to retell the tale slightly different to lend more appreciation to what the viewer is seeing.

Inspired by the thoughts of my daughters growing up, and in a short time, out on their own, I consider how I would like the world to be for them. In reality, though, being a female in today’s world presents dangers due to predators of all types that exist. Since I cannot personally destroy these predators, or change the thinking of society, what I can do is give my daughters the tools to protect themselves, and be aware of what lies ahead. Therefore, with Little Red Riding Hood, I have given her weapons, and a self-confidence that allows her to get rid of the predator that lurks about on her journey, leading Death of a Wolf to be a commentary on the idea of being self-sufficient in the modern world as a female.


© Jennifer Diane Clements, 2017.

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fairy tales, Brothers Grimm fairy tales