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Dimensions: 16 items; vertical images, 19 x 13 inches (each); horizontal images, 13 x 19 inches (each).

Artist Statement

This body of work is a documentation of objects and situations I see on a daily basis. It is meant to honor the things we could easily pass by. These objects are gears in a machine called life; they aid us in our daily routines and to see them framed out of their context gives them a different story and elevates their importance. These situations are important because they are unique even if they seem boring, it is a paradox: syringes, filling cabinets, fire hydrants, old vehicles, signs, and so on, may seem insignificant but are actually important in some way to our day-to-day lives. These items and incidences are all around us and demand our attention and appreciation.

My work captures the lives of these items and places them in a position to be reconsidered as an object with a story whether it be sad, funny, serious, etc. I compose my images in a way that increases their importance by using an eyelevel viewpoint, bringing the viewer up close and personal. I keep lines straight and subjects nicely weighted to increase a formal quality.

The image of the tipped over filing cabinet is a great example of an item and scenario that demands attention. The rusty, grey filing cabinet is leaning on a loading dock with its drawer open. The background contains an empty parking lot followed by industrial buildings in the distance. The ground is littered with debris and anything metallic is taking on rust. This object that has been left behind has become part of a scenario that brings forth a narrative of forgotten objects, dilapidated environments, and the importance of industrial progress.


© Tyler James Dougal, 2017.

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Series Title: Isolation


minimalism, composition