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silkscreen print


Dimensions: 15 x 22 inches

Artist Statement

This collection reflects my experience as a woman and my fascination with all things feminine. At a young age, I realized the comfort and allure that leading an effeminate lifestyle would hold for me.

Climb a tree, scrape your leg, and all would be well with a sparkly bandage on top.

You’ll find in my work that I narrate with a consistent brand of women, in friendship. The lemon to my drop, the olive to her martini. It is in these spaces, where company is present that the full color and movement of the characters are released and consumed in enjoyment.

These women are the type to smash bottles on the asphalt in their shimmery velvet dresses. Raise a palm in defiance to those who don’t believe in feminism. Hang their panties and stockings on a clothesline as a chosen flag of womanhood. They dress in unabashed hues and are unwilling to adhere to the ancient terms of ladylike or poise.

In this present climate, women are frustrated with the status quo, but we support our inability to follow it. Those well-known cat calls are inevitable and will follow us down the streets but this new era is about the female. We’ve found our sanctuaries on friends’ balconies or in the ladies’ room. We are confident in our sisterhood and know when to lend a flowery clip or some lipstick to a lady in need. These prints prove there is safety, warmth and genuine fun in the feminine.


© Nancy Marie Flecha, 2017.


silkscreen, flourescent, feminist, printmaking, illustration