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reduction linocut, cut paper, and found objects


Dimensions: 3 x 6 feet (Handlebar Prints, Printmaking Tricycle); 3 x 3 feet (Connectivity)

Artist Statement

My work explores the rhythm that surrounds us: the connectivity, the dependency, and the interactions. We are all connected through our actions, and our actions reflect in our watershed. Therefore we are dependent on the watershed. Cancer and the watershed have many common parallels. Water pollution affects everyone, no matter where you live. Water is an essential part of our daily lives, and if contaminated can cause many health-related issues.

My art is based around environmental advocacy, and my prints document the journey of the stages of cancer by the process of reduction linocuts. I believe working in the reduction process is relatable to the breakdown of cancer, and is easily connected to it on a deeper level. For each stage in my reduction pieces I envision it as if I was the cancer breaking down the linoleum, and as if they were each individual stage of cancer.


© Kailee Maureen Poetsch, 2017.

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printmaking, paper sculpture, print bike, hand process