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silver gelatin print on wood


Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 2.5 inches

This piece is part of a larger work entitled Five Degrees of Separation.

Artist Statement

These photo objects hold somewhat of a dual purpose; as an investigation for the potential of narrative through material and process, and as an exploration of the universality of feelings and effects of anxiety, listlessness, and depression. What do you think of when someone tells you they suffer from anxiety? Does it make you uncomfortable? Do you relate, or feel compelled to help? For me, anxiety translates as a feeling of isolation – a chasm that alienates me from the world around me. I find it interesting and comforting that as isolating as it is, I am not the only one who feels these things. In these series I seek to create a story that relies on the relationship of the materials themselves to help convey this sense of universality in internalized isolation.

I often find my art tends to slip into gray areas of self-exploration and existential musings. Something about making work that explores my inner voice and layers of identity makes me feel like I’ll get closer to understanding myself, and the way I behave and act. Maybe I’ll start to understand why I shut down when I shouldn’t. Or why my emotional responses seem to lie off kilter to reality. Maybe if I look, I mean really look deep enough, I’ll find the thing that feels so broken so I can fix it. The process of craft and creating does act as a sort of therapy for me.

The series Five Degrees of Separation is a combination of traditional photographic process, destruction, and layering that focuses on the effect we have on each other in our direct and indirect interactions. I have found that our outward behavior acts as a sort of lending system, either borrowing from, adding to, or even stealing from each other. We give parts of ourselves to sustain those we love, and borrow from those we love to keep from collapsing.

The series I Feel Something You Have Felt Before is a combination of traditional photographic process and transparent materials that allow me to convey time and complex emotion through additive layering. These pieces are meant to speak directly to internal conflict, anxiety, and isolation in a way that opens the subject to discussion. By calling attention to the universality of these emotions, I want people to feel safe knowing it's ok to talk about them.

By departing from traditional methods of photography, I want to build a story of complexity that cannot be found through photography as a standalone material. These photo objects make use of the specific characteristics inherent in the material they are integrated into.


© Aaron David Rodriguez, 2017.

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Series Title: Five Degrees of Separation


photography, installation, object, sculpture, portrait, anxiety