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acrylic, feathers, and fabric on canvas


Dimensions: 43 x 43 inches (Who are we now?); 14.5 x 8 inches ("...and carry a big the biggest stick!")

Artist Statement

To Live Under a Flag

Unless you have been living on an uninhabited island somewhere, you live in a nation of the world. Throughout history we have seen many nations rise and fall as great powers of the time. There are no exceptions to this, which is something we all know but are very hesitant to actually acknowledge. The world is an ever changing thing, every living creature shares that in common with our home. Our values, our morals, our priorities, and our conflicts all change with time. America is no exception to this, a fact that is becoming more and more evident with each passing day. However, change is not inherently good or bad it is a state of flux. What we choose to change, what we choose to hold onto or to let go of is what determines the outcome of that change.

Through the use of mixed media, I have tried to start up a dialogue about some of the growing concerns I have about both the state of our nation as a whole as well as some of the values many citizens hold that I feel are dangerous. What I hope to instill upon you the viewer is to ask the question; what nation do we want to live in? And what is it going to take to make it a reality? We have reached a cross road, we have to decide what values we will keep and what conflicts will arise from doing so.

We have no choice, we people of the United States, as to whether or not we shall play a great part in this world. That has been determined for us by fate, by the march of events. We have to play the part. All we can decide is whether to play it well or ill.

-Theodore Roosevelt


© Alexander B. Vestermark, 2017. Photo Credit: Allison Corona.

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eagle, Sam, feathers, American, mixed media, gun