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Dimensions: 42 x 28 inches

This work is part of a larger work entitled Carnival Fish.

Artist Statement

The experience of the carnival is something else. All the lights, smells, animals, people, rides, and noise, all merging together to create an experience that some love and others could certainly do without. If you can handle sensory overload, then maybe you can find the joy that you paid for by the ticket; if not, you’ll go home wishing you had saved your cash instead.

Maybe the rides make you sick, so you wander over to the games and get lost in a sea of yelling carnival workers, doing their best to make their game stand out most. Your eye catches a glistening bag of water. The water looks cool and refreshing, and there’s a fish inside, but the fish is looking desperate for help. Pleading with it’s little fish eyes for someone to take it home and save if from the summer heat, the flashing lights, the screaming children, and the hurried adults. You play the game to win a fish; to save a fish and in the end you won a friend instead.

This body of work is based off of an experience, from so many years ago when I won a fish and actually won a friend instead. Though this experience is personal, I found that after speaking with other people, that this experience was mutual. Many people remember the carnival fish games and the lure of winning a live creature to take home, no matter how sad the practice might seem now, as a child it was endearing.


© Alexandra Caprice Ippolito, 2017. Photo Credit: Isabelle Krake.

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