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oil on canvas


Dimensions: 4 x 8 feet

Artist Statement

My artwork paints me as an unusual character constricted by events that are happening in the world. This world is overcrowded and loud. There are many social groups to observe, many cultures to learn from, and we all have similar symbols or objects that make us alike. All of these notions of life become the subject and assist in building the content of my compositions. I introduce and obscure in abstract ways that are similar to how overwhelming to much information can get. I’m currently unable to travel the world so I only have a limited perspective. I juxtapose humans with animal characteristics whose facial expressions sum up emotions and exhaustion or appear ecstatic. These compositions have a constant flow to show the constructing and deconstructions of figures in landscapes that are vast, dreamy, and surreal: an approach that removes excess weight of our everyday reality. I aim to depict an alternative reality with an uncanny twist and a hint of doom which is always pending. My work is not intended to be frightening but alarming us with a bliss of tragedy.


© Juan Angel Medellin, 2017.


abstract, surreal, chaos, uncanny, ominous, estranged