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acrylic and wood


Dimensions: 144 x 51 inches

This piece is part of a larger installation work.

Artist Statement

I come from meadows and mountains where dogs howl late at night to a smiling moon. My life was carved from the forests of the last frontier and doused in the light of the aurora borealis. The first time I went to a dentist I was a teenager. The man with a shiny office and handfuls of sharp tools marveled at how it was possible to raise a child in such contrast to modern society and not have any rotten spots, a social security number or more than one pair of shoes. That pristine space burned a notion in me about the wild things colliding with the machine molded chattel and how that relationship can inspire or terrify at any given moment.

Looking closely at my work, from the very beginning, it has always asked, “how does the natural and person-made coincide, conflict, build-up and tear down? What does my own resistance or acceptance lend to this life of art?” My work is a personal challenge from my soul to my brain and hands, begging them to play nicely together. My imagination weaves endless works to be created while my hands struggle to keep up or cooperate. If this sounds frustrating, it is. But this life long pursuit of making is at the core of all that I am and the person I am simply wouldn’t exist without it. I am a maker, solve, seer, conjurer and believer.

This piece connects the elements and offers the ability to continuously investigate an exploration of materials that pique the senses while representing the elemental building blocks of all matter. The vertical structure asks you to pay attention while the ominous scale looms over you like an opaque apparition. Since the ‘white’ box can signify a gallery space, this cloudy hyperrectangle becomes a curious representation of such a room, imploding inward.

Basic Alchemy Water SymbolWater is visually represented with an abstract collage that spreads onto the floor.

Basic Alchemy Fire SymbolIn the aftermath of fire the residual charcoal reveals the inner beauty and intricacy of what was burned.

Basic Alchemy Earth SymbolEarth blooms and decays in a continuous evolution of itself.

Basic Alchemy Air SymbolOnly when air moves or is altered does it demand attention. The swirling habit of the silk from the gentle breeze asks you to watch it’s perpetual dance.

This work uses paper, wood, water, silk, tempera, ink, as well as PVC, polymer, acrylic, and other manufactured materials.


© Gabrielle Elinor Krake, 2017. Photo Credit: Isabelle Krake.

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installation, burnt wood, large scale, sculpture, painting, hyper rectangle