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Artist Statement

The purpose of this project was to go through the design process of creatures and characters, while refining my ability to render them. I named the project Mechanico5000, because I like absurd names, and it gave me a framework to work within.

I imagine Mechanico5000 being similar to popular online games like Overwatch, and I drew a bit of inspiration from that genre. Mechanico5000 would be a cooperative team game, with everyone playing roles that support each other, and I tried to design characters to fill these roles. For example Eisenhorn and Holy Joe would be the typical healer characters, while Chandra and Erasmus would be something along the lines of a frontline defender.

The enemies were created with some roles as well, although not as many as I would have liked. The hypothetical and loose idea for them was that they were long dead cosmonauts that came crawling out of the ocean to wreak havoc on our world. It’s not a particularly good idea, I don’t really know why there would be so many cosmonauts in the ocean, but it was enough to justify my process.


© Patrick Harvey Sullivan, 2017.


digital art, concept art, character design, game design, fantasy art, sci-fi art