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oil on canvas


Dimensions: 48 x 36 inches (overall)

This piece is part of a larger work entitled Narges.

Artist Statement

I work in a hyper-realistic style and I create over-sized portraits of family members. The purpose of the work is to give the audience a sense of guiltiness. Both of the portraits look innocent. As the viewers make eye contact with the portraits, they feel a sense of confrontation, it is as if they were the one who poured the Pepsi or the Fanta over her head. I used my sister as my model and asked my other sister to pour the Pepsi and Fanta over her head. While this was happening, I was continuously taking photos of her to capture the most innocent shot of her portrait. I have seen some hyper-realistic artist’s work of art, such as Mike Dargas and became inspired to paint realistic paintings, but my paintings are more hyper-photorealistic. I have always enjoyed working in details and with details and am hoping to capture the sense of emotion in my work from both the painting and also from my audience.

Many years back, during my childhood, I was drawing and my favorite part to draw was the eyes. Whenever I was doodling, I always drew an eye with drops of tears. I believe that is where the inspiration to create hyper-realistic art comes from. I find the main focus in my paintings to be the eyes; through the eyes you can find different emotions. Using the Pepsi and Fanta, it acts like a teardrop because in both paintings the Pepsi and the Fanta drops from only one eye. As I painted these two paintings, I felt like that my old memories were being captured in the paint. The Pepsi and Fanta represent the tears of my sad days, when my family and I had to flee our country because of war. We experience many obstacles in life. The sweetness of Pepsi and Fanta can also represent the good days and good memories of my life. My family and I found our forever home and I have a chance to reach my goals of becoming an artist and pursue my favorite future career. It’s very fascinating that I am able to tell my life story through over size hyper-realistic paintings.


© Homeyra Shams, 2017.

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Fanta, portraits, black hair, hazel eyes, face