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oil on canvas


Dimensions: 2 x 3 feet (center panel)

This panel is part of a larger work entitled Everything We Are.

Artist Statement

The wolf, being a dominant, highly intelligent, and symbolically spiritual animal, is related to my dominant idea that we as humans have shared qualities with these mystical creatures. The first panel shows an angry wolf, snarling, sharing our passionate emotions. The second panel shows a wolf lying down, staring at the viewer, becoming the interactive center panel and relating to each individual who gazes back. The third and final panel shows a wolf howling at the moon, sharing our need to communicate and reach out to our pack. This idea is about one’s spirit, which is everything each person is, individually, with all our passions, beliefs, hopes, and dreams, and how it’s one thing we all share as separate species. It’s one thing that relates us all.


© Jenna Michelle Denson, 2016. Photographer unknown.

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oil paint, objective, blue-green, triptych, impressionistic, expressionistic