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Dimensions: 7 x 5 inches

This image is part of a larger work entitled Quiet.

Artist Statement

Imagine receiving unwanted comment after unwanted comment about yourself. Something that you’ve never looked at as negative. This series is a normal day in the life of an introvert - a peak into my social life. Hearing comment after comment based on the core of my personality.

In this series, twenty-four black and white self-portrait photographs are presented behind plexiglass. White text is centered on each photograph. These quotes are comments I have received from peers, professors, family, and friends throughout my college career. Even with each quote being different, there is a repetition of eight images. This is how many times I hear the same comments being made to my face day to day, week to week, and month to month. These images are here for others to not only question the comments justly but to also showcase the need to think before speaking. Whether it’s an innocent observation or a direct insult, it is a form of judgment and labeling before getting to know the quiet person.

Hearing all these comments on repeat causes psychological pain and oppresses the silent types. This is another reason why I chose to do this series. It brings awareness to those who are not quiet, and peace to those that are. Being an introvert is a common misconception. Being an introvert myself, I have felt the struggles of being in this social minority. The idea that this very being of yourself that makes you who you are, is getting pointed out as a negative connotation daily through society, media, peers, teachers, and even those closest to us. People confront their calm nature to change or understand their very being.

However, this series ends with an image that contains no words - the way that most introverts like to communicate. Body language and facial expressions can communicate a lot on their own. This image demonstrates that exact idea; words aren't always necessary or needed to get your point across.

So stop. Just because someone sticks their nose in a book does not make them antisocial. Just because they focus on class instead of spurting out words for discussion, does not mean that they are not learning or not paying attention. Just because some introverts are reserved and quiet does not mean that they are unhappy and are going to commit suicide. It does not mean that they should have to try harder than their peers in classes just because they are who they are. Just stop and think if this oppresses or labels them before they are even given the chance to speak.


© Kayla Austin Hurd, 2016.

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identity, photography, oppression, social culture, reserved, reflection