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digital painting print on fabric and digital sculpture in medium-density fiberboard (MDF)


Dimensions: 5 items; 9 x 8 feet (overall); 18 x 50 x 8 inches (sculpture); 44 x 41 inches (fabric panels overall)

Artist Statement

What if I told you that every part of humanity you experience was part of an organic, evolving code established long ago in the area known as The Fertile Crescent? We “commoners” have either forgotten this code or we have been misled. The code is better known as symbology.

The World Order is structured from The Zodiac, or the “wheel of animals” in the sky. When the Earth rotates, it slowly wobbles on the Axis Mundi, and each rotation is one Great Year. One complete Great Year takes about 25,800 years. The Great Year is split into 12 Ages, ruled by a ­­corresponding star constellation, or sign. The wobble moves through the 12 signs in reverse order, which is called the precession. We enter a new “Great Month” or New Age every 2150 years, which is 30 degrees of one complete wobble.

The ages of The World Order correspond to events that take place on earth and in the stars. The tapestries under the Golden Sacrificial Figurehead subtly tell the story of our ruling powers. The previous age is known as the Age of Aries; this is referred to as “Before Christ” and also relates to the time of Moses. The Age of Pisces, the current age, is the Age of Christianity. The next age, the Age of Aquarius, has been predicted to be the age when this knowledge flows freely to all, as signified by the Water Bearer. It is interesting to note, in Greek mythology, Ganymede the water bearer was taken from this earth by Zeus in the form of an eagle. The eagle, as we know, is a popular symbol of several powerful institutions.

Power. The main focus of my work. The most powerful means to control a population is to use storytelling; not only is it entertaining, but it is organic and enables many interpretations. The true meaning is only known to the creators. When it comes to entertainment, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women are merely players” (Shakespeare, Act As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII).

I want to learn about how my world really works. And I want to share that through art. Art is the language humans speak and it has been manipulated by corporations to sell products to the point of destroying nearly all meaning for the sake of money. This message of truth, the truth of our control, has been spoken through the generations by means of art. All we need to do is relearn this language and see the world for what it is. This is a way to decipher the codes that have been hidden from us.


© Aryssa May Hutchins, 2016. Photo credit: Allison Corona.


money, religion, mythology, symbolism, figure, triptych