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This piece is part of a larger work entitled Plastic Popsicles.

Artist Statement

For this series, I have decided to focus on the ever unassuming, always colorful, popsicle. To me the popsicle is a symbol of youth, childhood, and summer. Although these things seem to be inherent in its DNA, I have attempted to focus more on the bright colors that have come to be the calling card of these frozen treats.

This series of prints has been done at a size of 30” x 30”. Each piece shows one popsicle being held by a hand clothed in a surgical glove. The addition of a glove brings to mind the activities that a health practitioner may be engaged in when wearing such an adornment. In this way the glove becomes as laden with meaning as the popsicle itself. Each piece has a complimentary background color. They have been created in a way that there is no shadow to help the image appear more flat.

My goal in this piece is two-fold, the first being that I wanted to use this series as a personal exploration into the study of color. The second reason is that I wanted to photograph on a large scale, and in an interesting way, something that is so integral to summer but that may play only a passive role in the memories of our childhood.


© Brock D. Landrum, 2016. Photo Credit: Braxton Duncan.

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