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ceramic, wood, and metal


Dimensions: 7 x 1 feet (piece overall)

Artist Statement

My final body of work is, hand built and thrown stoneware, large scale sculpture. The pieces references combination of what I considered the most visually sticking with my previous works in terms of structure and physical presence has always been large scale and small assents of design. In general, the work is figurative, totemic, featuring guardian figures, ancient ancestral markers and vertical markings, with implications of movement and fluidity in their form and colors. There is very little security with ceramics at any scale, moving to such a massive formal piece imparts new tricks and requires new consideration at every stage of the process. The pieces are small around pieces stacked in a vertical orientation allowing to the view to play with form in space. The work is simple and the viewer is engaged by the dynamism of form and mass, making them a welcome addition to any venue.


© Kyle Warren Lewis, 2016. Photo Credit: Braxton Duncan.

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ceramics, sculpture, large scale