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blue glaze on red stoneware


Dimensions: 34 x 16 inches

This work is part of the series entitled Blue Series.

Artist Statement

This series of sculptures follows patterns from the domes of Islamic mosques. The patterns were derived from the natural world, such as flowers, shells, and microscopic surfaces. The sculptures are comprised of cells which hold the structure together, such as the ribs of a dome. Each cell is the combination of tessellation and radial symmetry. Although these sculptures have this microcosmic element, they lack a center in contrast to natural organisms. The center (which is usually represented by the circle) is the primary connection in sacred geometry. It symbolizes "one" or God in Islamic sacred geometry.

The four pointed cells also represent human beings, but in the blue sculptures they are represented in collective units. The cells emerge through this void growing, cracking, shrinking and fading away into a tunnel in the middle, only to begin again. It is a solemn view for people (such as myself) trying to find this source and center of our existence, a center that most likely can't and won't be reached. The blue surface represents this feeling of longing and despair.


© Miryan Barahona, 2016. Photo credit: Randy McCrea, Timeless Photo and Portraits.

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sacred geometry, ancient radial designs, architecture, ceramic, matte surface, abstract form