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archival inkjet print


Dimensions: 12 x 16 inches

Artist Statement

The visual world is in many ways like language. But it stands as an opposing suggestive and sensual medium in which we can only attempt to understand ourselves and the visual storytelling that we live in.

Everything can be translated into the visual field. Our fluency of this colorful and kaleidoscopic world will carve into us a deep understanding of the content carried by light. Much like reading a mystery book, from birth we start to unravel the abstract visual wonder before ourselves. Piecing together formal elements in order to find a developed answer. But never able to escape these formalized elements of light, we find this to be the only evidence we have to solve the mysteries of our mind. The endless ability of observation can provide us with infinite evidence for conclusion. But it will never tell us the actual nature of events. This is the beautiful part of the visual process; we will never be able to find the fleeting answers for which we will search so deeply.

But as visual detectives, we will search endlessly for the best mysteries.


© Everett Marsland Smith, 2016.


mundane, film, color, anthology, objects, photography