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multiple relief print


Dimensions: 24 x 18 inches

Artist Statement

Facets of Self

This is a series of multiple relief prints using linocut and consisting of five different layers. The work addresses the idea of identity and what parts of my personality make up one as a whole. This series that focuses on three of my dominant traits and the conversation, conflict and competition between them. These are a representation of stubborn, humor, and anxiety.

It is common in western culture for humans to appropriate animal attributes to give a visual description of something like personality or emotion. In this instance I used ram, unicorn, and deer horns. As well as a mule, phoenix, and wolf skull. These animals are associated with the idea of the three traits.

I used expressive and graphic lines to capture the emotion that fuels my nature. The colors are purposely both vibrant and dark speaking to my tenacity. I used a similar color palette suggesting that there is some unity between the two while maintaining a significant difference between the three. In doing this I hoped to create a conversation about the paradox that creates a whole identity.


© Alexandra Catherine Velardes, 2016. Photo Credit: Boise State University Photo Services.

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