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Another Day at the Office

I have heard a statement so many times throughout my life. A worker completes their everyday task, and when asked how they’re doing replies with a cavalier; “it’s just another day at the office.” This phrase has interested me, mostly because it’s said—not in a physical office itself, but—in the worker’s environment that they consider their workspace.

Why this quote though? Is this statement used because he or she is enjoying the work, or is it because he or she is just going through the motions of their everyday tasks? Either way, it’s interesting to think of the many conditions this phrase complements; but I began to wonder, what about the individuals who do enjoy their work?

I decided that I wanted to document those workers who enjoy what they do for a living; who may not feel the need to be put in in a global spotlight. All these individuals care about is that daily opportunity to do what fulfills them. These people protect, place others center stage, and heal; all while doing what they enjoy best. These are the individuals who are the backbone to our everyday lives, and we might not realize it. These are the personages who take their careers a step further, and work those extraordinary jobs that may be too arduous for others. These are the diligent workers who take pleasure in profession, and for them, it’s “just another day at the office.”


© Brian Christian Angers, 2016.


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