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ink and digital


Dimensions: 5 x 5 inches

Artist Statement

Indigo dragons, magic mushrooms, and rejoicing mice, every moment in the life of a children’s illustrator can be full of magic and fun! My illustrations Cave Dragon, Quail and Mouse, Holiday Mice, and their accompanying character sketches are creative responses to the following illustration prompts:

“This was a pretty BIG problem, but Lucy was confident.”

“Though they didn’t see anything, they had a deep sense that they weren’t alone.”

“Not a creature was stirring, except for these mice!”

With such freedom, I was able to introduce exceptional characters, sculpt mystical environments for them to live in, and choreograph exciting situations for them to overcome.

I used a somewhat unique process to create the final pieces of work, by using an ink under drawing, and then scanning the images onto my desktop. The color schemes, details and balance of light and dark were all achieved digitally through the sorcery of Photoshop.

Though the illustrations are small, they each contain an entire world!


© Katya Michele Greimes, 2016.


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