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Dimensions: 13 x 19 inches (overall)

Artist Statement

Emotions have always been a very interesting subject to me personally, and especially how they affect us in a variety of ways. One topic on emotions that i plan to explore is the paradox of fictional emotion. This allows us to experience strong emotions from purely fictional things, such as art, literature, and imagination. The paradox draws attention to an everyday issue of how people are moved by things which, in many ways, do not really exist.

I incorporated certain elements that pertained to the emotion of fear in my art. My pieces include visual cues that help create fear and discomfort when viewed. I also included sound in each works of art to better draw in the viewer to the story that is taking place in each image. I firmly believe this paradox is created simply by tricking the mind by controlling the human senses to a point where the brain begins to draw conclusions on its own and react accordingly with an emotion whether you like it or not. The human senses that i mainly focused on in these pieces are specifically hearing and sight with hopes that i can create paradoxical situation that is created when we experience these strong emotions towards these fictional stories.

Hollywood has used these tactics for years of using this paradox to invoke deep emotions within us, and has been further pushed with the new virtual reality devices out there. By trying to incorporate all the human sense they can push a “unreal” situation at you and trick your brain into thinking it’s a real situation regardless if you tell yourself beforehand that it is fake. It is a strange phenomenon for us to experience and I hope that I have touched upon a closer understanding to it all.


© Jamil Lionel Lawyer, 2016.

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fear, emotions, phobia, digital collage