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video projection on steel and plastic sculpture


Dimensions: 6 feet x 11 feet x 1 foot

Artist Statement

The installation Resonant Frequency was compiled through the process of questioning the purpose of my grief and of mortality. Having just experienced the loss of a very dear friend; I found myself in a sort of tear with my reality that I’d like to describe as simultaneously a painful and beautiful ripping open of my heart. I had never experienced this kind of constant, frequent wave of emotional processing that had to flow through my mind and body and it was helpful to endure this process through the vein of creativity.

The medium of video in this context became a means for exploration and research and I have used it here as an expression of this journey. My search began on a scientific exploration to define emotions and developed through the lens of defining my world through the interpretation of frequency. I dove into learning more about the human body including the endocrine system, the nervous system and the brain. I proceeded to then sift through some physics and cosmology, including magnetic fields and the electromagnetic spectrum. The more I learned, the more beautiful facts I found highlighting the infinite flow in the information systems; frequencies, that comprise everything. Everything has a frequency and in turn a resonant frequency. One key discovery was that of different emotions being different frequencies that in turn send varying neuropeptides to the brain. My awe grew deeper still as I read that when the left and right brain hemispheres are communicating the frequency is 8Hz and the earth resonates at 8Hz as well. I continued to dig deeper and the most amazing aspect of my research has been the geometric patterns discovered in the application of various resonating frequencies to water; this plays a key role in the video projection piece of the installation.

It is a very right brained concept to explore when thinking of how E=MC2 means energy is matter. This became a breakthrough moment for me that redefined emotions, words and our body in the natural world as part of an infinite flow of energy. I began to see everything as part of an energy processor taking in, processing and exerting the various frequencies of energy. We see the energy patterns in the geometry of the natural world. This is a core concept within the narrative of the piece as well as the process of searching. I like to think this work evokes ideas of searching beyond what is thought to be known, which I have come to think of as a human need; an artistic need. The artist’s statements within the audio of the work reflect this. I found peace in the continued search for answers and deeper meaning. I discovered that my inner turmoil was a necessary human experience that led me to access a stronger inner peace and I would say enlightenment. I would also venture to say, that with the current cultural climate and influx of information, that it would serve well to encourage digging deeper.

When I place meaning on the material of video, steel and plastic that I have used in this work, I see the steel as the framework material representing the conduction of energy and the plastic referencing the neuroplasticity of our minds. The sculptural shape references frequency, and the medium of video mirrors our human capacity to archive our perceptions, interpretations and relations. On that note, loving thoughts are a high frequency that carries a complex pattern with a lot of connections within its geometric pattern. We have the capacity to write code of love into our realities within and around us and for those that pass from our lives on this earth, we have the love archived in our souls and we carry that with us always, like water.


© Jessica Tara Miceli-Dodd, 2016.


multimedia, video mapping, FaçadeSignage, interdisciplinary, antireductionist, holism