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ceramic, wood, and steel


Dimensions: 5.5 x 25 x 25 feet (overall)

Technique: Raku firing method

Artist Statement

Creating this piece of art has been quite a journey. It is the nature of art for a piece to grow and change as it is developed. However, this is the first time the development led me to abandon all the original content of the piece. The real power of this piece is the individual reflections and interpretations of the work. Every time someone viewed this work they had widely differing reflections about it. I know what the piece means to me and what content I originally wanted to be read into it. However, this artist statement isn’t written to give you more clarity about how to interpret the piece. It is more of a request that you take the time to build your own interpretation. There is a book next to my work that is intended to gather the thoughts of the viewers. The book is as much a work of art as my ceramic piece is. If you have the time, please use it to write your own reflection of my work.


© Dawn Vera Wolz, 2016. Photo Credit: Allison Corona.

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ceramic, raku, face, figure