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Dimensions: 8 x 11 inches

This image is part of a larger work entitled It's Tough Being a Werewolf.

Artist Statement

The first day of school evokes an array of emotions depending on the person. Some feel excited, some feel nervous, some may feel nothing at all. However, if you are a werewolf, it can be downright tough. My children's book, It's Tough Being a Werewolf, is centered on a young werewolf named Wally during his first day of Monster School. Although excited, Wally's nerves soon get the best of him as he focuses more and more on the other monster children's abilities rather than his own. Through my story, I want to communicate to children and to the people reading to them that each one of us has our own abilities and strengths we can lean on. These abilities do not make us any better or worse, but gives us the uniqueness that make us special in our own way. It can be hard to realize our potential when surrounded by people we think are more talented than us. However, it is through our differences that we complement one another and build each other up as well as ourselves, making life easier and less scary to navigate. So, no matter if you are a werewolf, a vampire, a ghost, or a yeti, there is something in all of us that make us awooooo-some!


© Amethyst Brooke Tagney, 2016.


illustration, digital art, Photoshop, monster kids, book art, school