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oil on paper


Dimensions: Composed of 7 panels, 60" x 52" (sight measurements, overall)

This work is part of series entitled Light Language.

Artist Statement

This body of work reflects the ability of light to invent color through illumination, shadow and refraction. The paintings dissect and explore visual qualities of light. A strategy of translation from observation to a rather unworldly depiction of rendered color is utilized. This process of translation creates a world of both invented color and experienced emotion as a result of light in space.

The spaces shown in the paintings relate to common interiors, in which the viewer could imagine living. The space is comfortable yet attractive. Bits of structure serve as an anchor point for the viewer. These anchor points are interpreted through the consistent square shape of the canvases, the pieces of furniture depicted, and/or a present transition from dark to light within the paintings.

The painterly qualities of the surfaces create an understanding that the viewer is observing a painting. However, the raw edge of canvas or floating edge of paper suggests that the content is not limited to the canvas square. This decision encourages an avenue in which the content of the paintings may be carried out beyond the objects and implied to everyday life.

In an effort to bring attention to the “overlooked” the paintings independently and collectively present the brilliance and possibility of light within common spaces. The purpose of these paintings is to take a stance against the familiar breeding contempt. Metaphorically, we are all extraordinary. It takes effort and an intentional state of mind to not lose sight of the greatness in and all around us. Ultimately, the series communicates the possibility of the simple becoming astonishing and allows for our day-to-day to become absolutely alive.


© Krista Ann Rogerson, 2015. Photo credit: Scott Conover.

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Series Title: Light Language


light study, oil painting, refraction, color, interior space, shadow