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ceramic and faux fur


Dimensions: various dimensions

Artist Statement

A reality shifting epiphany came to me when I began to melt from the top of my head. Oozing and with each touch the thick ooze of what was once my head stuck to my fingertips. Nervously pulling away my hands until the top of my head was gone. In fact, seeing nothing but pixilated rainbows that were creating a gray fuzzy blanket across my vision. Although my being could still see nothing but the color gray I was in belief that I had lost my eyes. I could hear nothing but the dull hum of the color gray. I could smell nothing but the odd gray abyss.

Still wondering what had happened, I became fully aware of my newly gained sense of balance, duality, and moderation of existing on neither extreme but exactly in the middle. In the middle much like the color gray. Then all of the sudden finding myself comfortable in bed with eyes still attached and the full color spectrum still at the tips of my eyeballs.


© Hailey Nicole Turner, 2015. Photo credit: Leslie O'Dell.


gray, sculpture, clay, pottery