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acrylic on canvas


Dimensions: 60" x 36" (overall)

Artist Statement

My work is exploring the end, and most importantly the re-birth, of post-apocalyptic first-world cities. What happened to cause such a hit to the human population is for you to decide, as I believe it’s not a question of how, but a question of when; and when it does, I am interested in how our once populated cities will evolve. Often the aftermath of an event involving destruction and loss of human life on a catastrophic scale is depicted with an overwhelming sense of ugly decay and gross sadness. However, I believe that the outcome would move away from that and become a spectacle of beauty as nature takes back what once was. I envision cities being reclaimed by a renewed and thriving force of nature; the sky clear and alive and plant life lush and unbridled. The world would slowly return to a healthier, more beautiful place as humanity’s impact is gradually eroded and the landscape is molded back into its natural state. The earth will be re-born from the ashes of humanity’s destruction.


© Jenna Nicole Thompson, 2015. Photo credit: Jenna Nicole Thompson.


sunrise, post-apocalyptic, destruction, re-birth, spring, nature