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Dimensions: 6' x 8' (sight measurement, projection area)

Artist Statement

There are many people we encounter in our day to day lives. Individuals will come and go and only a select few will leave a lasting imprint, becoming a significant part of our lives. Imprinting happens when a connection is born. These meaningful connections drive and fuel our purpose in life, creating a blanket of trust for love to be born. However, allowing yourself to form this connection is not without risk. This bond you create may fill you up with the highest of highs but also may fill you with the lowest of lows. These connections become a part of you. This person begins to occupy your every thought, dreams, and desires.

However, life is unpredictable and you are constantly growing and evolving as an individual. These connections, once so strong and seemingly impenetrable, may not always be able to withstand the burdens of life. The love formed becomes love lost. The love shared is no longer tangible, remaining just out of reach. The love that once was becomes nothing but harrowing memories, caged with no sure date of release.

Through a collection of photographic stills, these imprinted memories and moments of what once was are depicted as a moving projection. Using various shutter-speeds and depths of fields I compiled thousands of photographs and arranged them into a non linear sequence. The figures in the video are both present and absent simultaneously. Alternating between a fast and slow shutter-speed I wanted to depict the figures in a way that would represent the idea of the past, the blurred figure to represent a memory. This idea to arrange photographic stills into a moving picture stemmed from the idea of fragmented love. The young girl in the video finds herself constantly revisiting her memories of him, harrowed with guilt and by the pain she knows she has caused. The love that was once now remains nothing but a fragmented memory.


© Cassandra Lynn Phippen, 2015. Photo credit: Cassandra Lynn Phippen.


melancholy, romantic, tragedy, poetic, evocative, ghost