Reflection 4

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Dimensions: 12" x 18"

Artist Statement

Portraiture is my favorite genre of photography, but self-portraiture has always been something that I have avoided. It was an uncomfortable and an awkward idea for me. I wanted overcome the conflicting thoughts I had with creating them. I always have had a hard time accepting myself as the subject. It is difficult for me to confidently know what I look like, without seeing until after a photograph is taken. Such as creating a pose that is both naturalistic and comfortable for me to see.

A reflection portrait I took of myself was what initially gave me the idea that I could easily create the composition I desired before taking the photograph. The objective was to juxtapose myself the photographer and subject in the same photograph without manipulation. With that in mind, I used some of the available reflective surfaces downtown Boise has to offer.

Another way to take it another step further I wanted to create a space out of my comfort zone, allowing others to be around and witnessing my self-portraits. While shooting downtown, others were seeing me take self-portraits. Photographing myself around others gave me a feeling of being judged. The photographs were taken quickly and without review until I was away from those who saw me take the photographs.

This project has served as way to challenge my awkwardness in front of the camera. It allowed me to overcome the doubt and struggle I had with self-portraiture. Additionally it showed me I could create a self-portrait series that I can be comfortable with.


© Weston Mark McGhee, 2015.


photography, digital print, BFA, Spring