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watercolor and newsprint on watercolor paper


Dimensions: 15" x 15"

This image is part of a larger work entitled 368.

Artist Statement

In 1965, Joseph Kosuth completed a conceptual piece One and Three Chairs, in which he represented one object three different ways, and a relationship between language, picture, and referent was born. Kosuth’s piece questions which representation is the most “accurate,” or “pure.” As an audience, we ask ourselves “What’s real here?” One and Three Chairs becomes a platform for exploring new meaning.

This body of work explores homonyms. Homonyms are words with multiple meanings, thus providing a myriad of options for direction of this project. The word “go,” at last count, has 368 different definitions. These pieces represent nine of them; six images directly related to one of the working definitions of the word “go,” and three devoted to written language displaying the text of other definitions.


© Kathryn Nichole Mathis, 2015. Photo credit: Kathryn Nichole Mathis.


watercolor, newsprint, BFA