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silver gelatin print


Dimensions: 8" x 10" (sight measurements, window of frame)

This image is a part of a larger work entitled The Presence of Absence.

Artist Statement

Quiet has always held great allure for me. My thoughts are my own, allowing for serene contemplation. It is during these moments that my eyes settle upon the subtle details that exist in every scene and beg to be appreciated. The simplest view, object, or shadow inspires admiration. Often when I thought these feelings were exhausted I have been drawn in again and made aware of their significance to my emotional well-being. My photographs tend to inhabit a modest amount of surrounding space; this is done intentionally to suggest a duality-the viewer is invited into my own personal experience, but is also encouraged to interpret for themselves. The photos in this series allowed me to explore the importance of quiet simplicity in my life, even when human presence is absent, which gives me what I require to nourish my own self completely.


© LeAnn Michelle Ferguson-LeBar, 2015. Photo credit: Cassie Phippen.


black and white, photography, series, analog