Saurid Armor

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kiln formed and flamework glass


Dimensions: 14" x 32" x 16"

Artist Statement

Dinosaurs are extraordinary reptiles that began their rule on earth over 200 million years ago. Even though they roamed the earth for a span of 150 million years, their mass extinction occurred in the blink of an eye. Scientists discovered the first dinosaur fossils in the early 1800’s. Since then over 700 different species have been discovered, and paleontologists believe there are many more to be found.

My seven year old son Kashus has been fascinated with dinosaurs since he was old enough to talk. As he grew, so did his love of these giant prehistoric creatures. My interests in geology and paleontology would only encourage his curiosity. The passion we share continues to inspire both of our imaginations.

Paleontologists utilize fossilized remains to interpret size and shape of dinosaurs, but how they look and feel in real life is a puzzle that scientists have yet to solve. I envision these colossal creatures painted in numerous bright colors with scales, tails, feathers, enormous teeth, spikes, horns and claws. While exploring their scales, shapes and identifying physical features, I will memorialize these beasts in vivid colors with representational markings and form. With a subject matter as mysterious as dinosaurs, my intent is to leave the viewer with a new sense of curiosity influenced by the childlike imagination we all once had.


© Kylee Ann Koenig, 2015. Photo credit: Leslie Ann O'Dell.


flameworked glass, kiln formed glass, sculpture, prehistoric, sandblasted