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Artist Statement

Presence and absence is a continual concept throughout my work. While ever expanding, the ideal relating to the two states has remained in the same context. Personally with this work there has been a realization that the idea of presence and absence have consumed my work and thought process. Originating as a personal way of coping with the loss of a relative, the work has grown into a larger broader theme. Everything in our lifetime while present will one day be merely nothing more than a memory. The things we hold closest to us will one day be gone much how the warmth of a fire dies outward leaving only the remains to exist. The installation presented is an expression of these two themes coexisting with one another. I encourage you as viewers to please take a small print of your choosing with you. With this I must bid this work farewell in hopes of a safe departure.


© Kam Everett Kelley, 2015. Photo credit: Kam Everett Kelley.


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