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Dimensions: 12" x 18"

This work is a part of the series entitled Unsexy.

Artist Statement

The inspiration for this work was other women's self portrait series that I have come across over the years. I saw many of these series as just an excuse to look sexy and beautiful in front of the camera. Of course, I understand the motive, and I find myself wanting to look my best in every picture I post on social media. The powerful thing about the medium of photography is that you can show yourself in the best light, with the best angle. You can show yourself how you want people to see you.

In this series, however, I decided to turn the camera on myself and all of my insecurities. Instead of showing myself in the best light, I decided to show myself in an unflattering light. I decided to focus on my societal imperfections, qualities about myself that I try my best to hide like my acne covered face and back, and an emphasis on my stomach, which is my least favorite part about myself. I'm inviting people to see me at my worst.

The main goal I have as an artist is to make honest work. Even if it's painful to look at, or painful for other people to see. I want to identify with people based on vulnerability. I want the audience to think about their own insecurities and body image and reflect on why they have those insecurities. I also want people to feel empowered to stop hiding what they are ashamed of because society told them to be ashamed of it.


© Meredith Elaine Adams, 2015.

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Series Title: Unsexy


identity, photography, vulnerability, honest, raw, real