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video installation projected on mirrors, wood, and metal


Dimensions: 9' x 20' x 5' (area); 15 mins (running time)

Artist Statement

Throughout my work strong concepts within the realm of life and death are always ventured. My current body of work incorporates video projection, collage, mixed media, and found objects to create a disjointed view into my own personal daily life. My responsibilities as a working mother, college student and wife each day now conveys who I am and what I must do. Currently I am caught within a life where my past self has been overcome with the exhaustion of countless daily responsibilities and routines. The little things in daily life such as dishes, carseats, driving, meals, bills and so on; surprisingly add up and fill your days leaving less and less time for yourself. As I am every grateful for the things I have, who I am surrounded by, and the achievements I have accomplice; the daily duties of my busy life has distorted and over shadowed who I am inside.


© Angela May Henson Dome, 2015. Photo credit: Angela May Henson Dome.


interdisciplinary art, video art, installation art, video installation