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oil on canvas


Dimensions: 12" x 36"

Artist Statement

The idea of who each of us is and how we often dramatically alter the way we identify ourselves to others is what is my work addresses. Our self portrayal depends upon the situation, setting and who we are surrounded by. Considering behavioral norms and the way we unconsciously change our personality to match the situation, I set out to explore the fragments of personality that help define who we actually are. I accomplish this through the evaluation and examination of myself. Through a thorough analysis of my own behaviors, that change with environmental and societal expectations, my large scale self portraits depict varied emotional expressions which represent the many different aspects of my personality. The fragmentation of my work corresponds to identity consisting of multiple facets. Created with a consideration of ambiguity and potential integration of one into another, I further address the relationship between the fragmentation of personality and identity. I acknowledge that identity can be directed by race, religion, gender and sexuality. However, I strive to focus on the situational aspect of personality and how that defines us to others. My goal is to have the viewers personally examine themselves and consider how they may subconsciously fragment their own personality, and evaluate how that influences the way in which others identify them.


© Craig Robert Heath, 2015. Photo credit: Craig Robert Heath.


identity, fragmentation, personality, self-portrait, multiple, painting