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installation and performance


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Artist Statement

The work presented here is part of an exploration into the use of surveillance technology as it exists in various forms. It is meant to incite questions within the viewer as they consider their own place in a world where surveillance has become ubiquitous. While certain information gathered may hold a power in an arena such as a court of judgement in the event of a need for tangible evidence, the implementation of this technology may simply exist as a general deterrent of undesired human behaviors. The pieces included in this body of work utilize elements of sculpture, video and audio, installation, performance, and viewer interaction. The subjects at hand in the works are based within human behavior and closely relates to aspects of the human condition. This work ultimately explores themes of an existential nature as an essential element in the consideration of how surveillance technologies are utilized. More specifically, calling attention to the self-aware and reflective qualities in existence that allows for the analysis of the ways in which surveillance practices can affect the actions that a person exhibits during a period of known or perceived surveillance.


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