Creation Date



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acrylic paint on polystyrene


Dimensions: Detail composed of 3 main parts; 3 x 3.5 feet; 6 inches x 2 feet; 2 x 1 feet

Artist Statement

Memories are created by the journeys we take in life. Those journey’s start from childhood and continue on until the end. I grew up playing music with my dad’s band. We would perform in bars, retirement centers and band stands and travel all over. During our adventures we often spoke to other bands, retirees and fellow travelers, learning of their experiences as well as their regrets. As I grew older we stopped traveling and playing music, but I always remember the adventures we had.

My love for adventure, inspired by my childhood, led me to create a painting of a lighthouse I have been to as the main subject. The iconography and history associated with its symbol along with the memories made there was my main interest. The setting is very dark to mask the obstacles that are between the viewer and the lighthouse. Like traditional lighthouses, it is painted much brighter than the rest of the painting to symbolize a metaphorical achievement which lights the path for those who desire.

The shallow relief of cliffs at the bottom half of the painting as well as the rocks staged on the floor in front of the painting, represent the obstacles we all may face in life in attempt at reaching our goals. Life is a journey, whether that journey goes the way that you desire or not, the experiences and memories you obtain are with you forever. The ideas in my work are to reflect upon yourself and to reminisce on your past experiences, but to focus on your future ones. No regrets.


© Stephanie BreeAnn Leavitt, 2015.


lighthouse, memory, future, dreams, cliff, sunset