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Dimensions: 20 x 16 inches

This image is part of a series entitled I Don't Know You Anymore.

Artist Statement

This is a series of scans using old 4”x6” prints I took of people who I used to know. I use a scanner to stretch and distort the original image, making the subject squished or stretched in an abstracted way. The distortion of the people and environment is symbolic of the fading of memories of the time spent with these old friends who now seem like strangers to me. This work is inspired by feelings of nostalgia as I reflect on the passing of time and the changes that come along with it. In these images the faces and bodies of the subject become unrecognizable, while parts of the images are repeated. In this series the subject is mostly centered, surrounded by black negative space that creates unity throughout the series. The images used were taken using film, and reference “snapshot aesthetic”.

My work has evolved from photography with a camera, to photography with a scanner. The process of scanning is an important aspect of this work because of the way the scanner captures information in a linear way. Because of this I am able to almost “paint”, choosing which information is recorded or not. It takes about 8 seconds to make one scan, so during that time it is almost like a short “performance” with the materials that produces a unique image that cannot be exactly replicated.


© Jackie Nicole Hutchens, 2015.

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memory, distortion, abstract, scanner, snapshot, nostalgia