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silver gelatin print


Dimensions: 20" x 16" each

These pieces are part of a larger work entitled The Long Way Home.

Artist Statement

The title of this work is about the journey that takes place after a disappointment. The type of disappointment that can wound a soul and cause a wrinkle. During this journey there are emotions that are experienced at what seems like vast and endless times, which are like a despondent sadness, forlorn and detached.

There are three aspects to this piece that can be read from right to left, or left to right, both ways to approaching the work are significant. From vast lonely fields, dreary vague landscapes, and one definitive mountain-scape image, form a journey that leads the eye through different places. Each group of images has a sense of solitary remoteness, which could be perceived as peaceful, but when looking at this piece with some distance between the image and the viewer, there is a longing that takes place to keep going, and in some ways a longing to find a resolve. When looking at the three fields to the right there is a pattern emerging as each image shows a different height and depth of the horizon, the first being the highest, the second is in the middle, and the third is the lowest. These three images reading from right to left can be interpreted as going downward little bit by little bit. When reading it the opposite direction it is going up, further and further. The two center images are murky, unclear and vague, which is a representation of a shadowy obscure struggle. These images are printed darker and are suggesting the possibility of getting stuck. The third image to the left is a clear solitary mountain-scape. This image is the resolve of the entire work. It speaks of a resolution and a restoration of the struggle and exertion that took place. It is a hopeful image that is not the end of the journey, but in its presence is a calm and peaceful interval.


© Katherine Sexsmith, 2014.


photography, black and white film, landscape, abstract, medium format