Creation Date



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pen, ink, and marker on paper in found frames


Dimensions: 12 items; various dimensions.

Artist Statement

Language is a funny thing, a really funny thing. This body of work aims to take that literally. I wanted to create something to look at that would remind me to slow down and not take things too seriously all the time. As an illustrator and as a student I have developed a relationship with words. Language has become a vital tool to my creative process and I wanted to pay tribute to my favorite kinds of language. We go through everyday life saying things that are oddly delightful underneath the layers and layers of meaning piled on by us over the years. Our tendency to ignore the strange little amusing moments in casual language surprise me. These figures of speech are realized as tiny portraits in mismatched frames. The way these frames don’t fit with the typical gallery frame is a nod to how these figures of speech stand out amongst the rest of our daily mundane language. These puns, idioms, and metaphors sit as a family, and I wanted them to feel like a wall of portraits over the mantle in the house of comic language.


© Chelsea Diane Hopla, 2014. Photo credit: Carrie Quinney.